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Combined image from two NASA Telescopes.
Chandra X-ray and the Hubble Space Telescope combine with the Spitzer Space Telescope.

Lake Eustis Sailing Club Awards David Walker/Charles Bolden Telescope to Students of Eustis High.  Lake County's first Tomorrow's Astronauts Award


Space Florida Report.  Thanks to The combination of Space Telescope images combined to produce a new image of two tangled galaxies

NASA has released a combined Image of Chandra X-ray Observatory, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the Spitzer Space Telescope. 

Visit TDC Marion in person to experience Central Florida like never before.  Space Florida Vision 2020 is the link from today to Florida's Tomorrow. 

Discover Marion County and Viva La Florida's link from yesterday, today and tomorrow.  NASA and Space Florida are just two of the great destinations that await you in Central Florida.

Photon Magic links with Tourism Development Committee of Marion County to bring you links to Space from Marion County Florida home of Tomorrow's Astronauts. 

From JPL:

A new image of two tangled galaxies has been released by NASA’s Great Observatories. The Antennae galaxies, located about 62 million light-years from Earth, are shown in this composite image from the Chandra X-ray Observatory (blue), the Hubble Space Telescope (gold and brown), and the Spitzer Space Telescope (red). The Antennae galaxies take their name from the long, antenna-like arms seen in wide-angle views of the system. These features were produced in the collision.

The collision, which began more than 100 million years ago and is still occurring, has triggered the formation of millions of stars in clouds of dusts and gas in the galaxies. The most massive of these young stars have already sped through their evolution in a few million years and exploded as supernovas.

The X-ray image from Chandra shows huge clouds of hot, interstellar gas, which have been injected with rich deposits of elements from supernova explosions. This enriched gas, which includes elements such as oxygen, iron, magnesium and silicon, will be incorporated into new generations of stars and planets. The bright, point-like sources in the image are produced by material falling onto black holes and neutron stars that are remnants of the massive stars. Some of these black holes may have masses that are almost one hundred times that of the sun.

The Spitzer data show infrared light from warm dust clouds that have been heated by newborn stars, with the brightest clouds lying in the overlap region between the two galaxies. The Hubble data reveal old stars and star-forming regions in gold and white, while filaments of dust appear in brown. Many of the fainter objects in the optical image are clusters containing thousands of stars.

Lt Governor Jeff Kottkamp and Space Florida promote NASA technological advances. The Gammons Tomorrow's Astronauts program is proud of the part they play in Florida's Growing Economy through educational efforts.
Learn about the Universe.  How big is earth compared to other planets? 

The Susan J. Helms Telescope is delivered to the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches Students.  Lt Governor Jeff Kottkamp makes dedication at the Florida Sheriff's Association Conference.  The Gammons Telescope is dedicated to NASA Astronaut Susan J. Helms.

Secretary Walt McNeil and Lt Gov. Kottkamp
Don Browning discusses the value of Astronaut, General Susan J. Helms as a role model for youth.
Senior Attorney General Official Emery Gainey
Don Browning and Emery Gainey celebrate the Susan J. Helms Telecope
TeamTelescope Launch, STS 125 Hubble Mission.
Don Browning 2009 Infrared and Visual Spectrum.

Governor Charlie Crist establishes the Gadsden County Educational Initiative as the kick off for Special Education Opportunities by grass roots organizations.  Arts and Education is the theme as Florida Arts Council member Don Browning spearheads the Gammons Scholar Program.  Rev. Matt Carter and Bishop Deas are Gadsden County team leaders in helping Governor Crist achieve educational goals.

Betty James is recognized as a Team Telescope Leader at the dedication of the Lee Archambault Telescope presented by Florida's Lt. Governor Jeff kottkamp.  Betty James is noted as the author who writes about Role Models for Children.

Education is served when we link youth with opportunities to learn.  George and Don Browning spoke about Art and Education opportuities that await students.  NASA and Space Florida hold a treasure of education opportunities that will be directed to students through the Team Telescope Program.

Visit Team Telescope's, Tomorrows Astronauts for more news.

The Mike Forman Telescope will be dedicated in Wadsworth Ohio soon.  Stay in touch.


Astronaut Joe Acaba's Telescope will be formally dedicated at Lake Weir High School in Marion County Florida. 

Reginald James joins Lt Governor Jeff Kottkamp.
Distributing energy to already successful programs in Gadsden County.

Welcome graphic

Author Betty James meets with Lt Gov. Kottkamp
A gathering of friends to present role models to the Gadsden County Children.

Study hard and you can achieve what ever you want. Tomorrows Astronauts are in Gadsden County learning to succeed.

Betty James is recognized by Florida's Lt Governor Jeff Kottkamp. Attending the dedication of the Archambault Telescope, Betty helped bring the focus to the need for positive role models for our children.

STS 119 Launch in Florida
Commander Lee Archambault Launches into Space aboard STS 119. DonBrowning
Don Browning works to promote education.
Art, Education, and Aviation help Don promote Gammons Team Telescope.